Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I read a book called Tuck Everlasting. There is a girl named Winnie, she hates her life at her house. She is very wealthy and her parents own the woods. Her parents make her do "lady like" things and she hates it. She one day ran into the woods and she met the Tuck Family and they had a secret. They drank from a well in the woods and they became immortal. Winnies family was going to tear the woods down to make money off the bark. She did not want that to happen, so she did not return back home. She fell in love with the boy and she wanted to drink from the well but the boy would not let her. He said the life of being immortal was not a life he wanted to live. He said to drink the water when she was sixteen so they could be be young forever. There was a man called the man in the yellow hat. He was trying his best  to expose the Tucks for who they were. The boy tells winnie to leave the forest. She goes back home and then the boys brother gets arrested so she and the Tucks go and break him out. The boy gave winnie a bottle of water from the well to drink when she was 16 but she never drank it and the book ended. This was probably one of the best books I have ever read. I would definitely recommend this book to another student or even teacher. I give this book a nine out of ten.

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