Thursday, March 5, 2015

I read a book called "Candor" it was an extremely interesting book. I will briefly explain it to you. Candor is a town where the citizens are hypnotized by the music that is constantly playing throughout the city.The mayor of the city has a son, Oscar. He is the only one who does not get controlled by the music. He makes his own music that contradicts the Candor messages. He has made a a business out of this. He is selling his services to other candor kids. He lets other kids escape Candor for a price. Oscar is a well behaved kid and does not break any rules. He meets a girl when she moves into candor he really likes her but he does not want her to get hypnotized. He has to maintain a relationship and has to make sure the music does not hypnotize them. Oscar at the end of the book gets his memory erased and the girl escapes the town. I personally was very intrigued by this book, the author used such fluency and the structure of the novel was very professional. The purpose of this was that you should always think for yourself and not get involved with bad people. He also mentions you should take risks even if its for another person. The pattern in this book was chronological events that went according throughout the novel. The novel was very shocking and surprising at moments. Overall this was such a good book, I would definitely recommend another student or even teacher to read this amazing novel.

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